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Aluminum Doors
Woodcore Doors
Unique Features
Strong and Durable Storm Doors Strong and Durable 1 5/8" or 2" Thick Frames Our 1 5/8" or 2" thick frames not only provide a stronger frame, but allow us to use thicker corner reinforcements to lock the frame together for extra durability.
Superior Weather Protection for Storm Doors Superior Weather Protection Overlap Door Frame The overlap on our premium doors seals against the outside of the "Z" bar (mounting frame) and the inside of the "Z" bar, both with weather-strips. This not only keeps wind driven rain and snow out, it hides gaps around the door and hides the hinges for a clean appearance.
New Exclusive Window Frame on Storm Doors New Exclusive Window Frame Overlap Window Frame Our overlap window frame features double weather-strips that keep the weather out.
Exclusive Extra Durable Hinges on Storm Door Exclusive Extra Durable Hinges Sta-Tite™Hinges The exclusive Sta-Tite™ hinges on our premium doors feature metal reinforcements, like the hinges on a vault, to keep your door hanging straight.
Energy Saving Storm Doors Energy Savings Added Insulation for Your Entrances All of our storm doors create an air pocket between them and the main door, increasing the insulation value (R Value) of the entranceway. This saves heating and cooling costs. The convenient ventilation provides fresh air when heating and cooling aren't required.
Hands Full Convience

Dual Auto Hold on Storm Doors
Hands Full Convenience DUAL AUTO-HOLD™ Closer System
Auto-hold Storm Door 1 Auto-hold Storm Door 2 Auto-hold Storm Door 3
Push the door open until the AUTO-HOLD™ engages The Dual AUTO-HOLD™ Closer system automatically Holds the door open for hands free convenience Push the door further open to release the AUTO-HOLD™ allowing the door to close
Exclusive View Vent A Clear View from Inside and Outside plus Convenient Ventilation View and Vent™ roll up screen
View and Vent 1 View and Vent 2 View and Vent 3
When ventilation is not required, the screen is rolled up out of the way. This provides a clear view when looking out, or of you decorative main door when looking at your home. When the glass is lowered, the View and Vent™ screen rolls out providing insect free ventilation. With the glass lowered all the way View and Vent™ provides maximum ventilation.
Lifetime Brass Handles

Lifetime Brass
Handles That Keep Their Shine Lifetime Brass™ & Lifetime Nickel™ Handles The titanium finish on our Lifetime Brass™ handles allows us to offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty that they will keep their shine with a minimum of maintenance.

Our Lifetime Nickel™ handles feature a similar warranty.
Limited Lifetime Warrenty Durability Guaranteed Limited Lifetime Warranty Our premium doors feature a Limited Lifetime Warranty
No Fault Installation No Worry Installation No Fault Installation Warranty We will replace any parts misplaced or mis-cut during the original installation of our door. Email or call our Customer Service Department.